Zunya Art & Painting company is a manufacturer who professionally offers the Art Design and Wallpaper in the interior design market.
Our wallpapers have been used in the residential and commercial projects by international designers and architects.
Our business range covers not only doing the traditional design but also developing & exploring the new designs originally. So we will always satify our customers.
Our wallpaper collections are classified as
European style and Chinese style £¬and are painted on background materials£¬which have many colors for our customers chosen ,or customed by yours.
Below listed are the available sizes of our wallpaper panels£º
Overall Design Height:    Overall Panel Height:    Code£º
4 feet high£¨1.22m£©                 6 feet high£¨1.83m£©             4/6
6 feet high£¨1.83m£©                 8 feet high£¨2.44m£©             6/8
8 feet high£¨2.44m£©                 10 feet high£¨3.05m£©           8/10
10 feet high£¨3.05m£©               12 feet high£¨3.66m£©           10/12

All panels are 3 feets £¨0.915m£©wide. Customer sizes are available.
In addition£¬all the panels can be
antique finished.
Regarding the shipping time£¬we require approximately 2-5 weeks for regular order production.
If you would like to contact us or need samples£¬please e-mail us at
info@zunyaart.com or contact Zunya at below address:
Zunya Art & Painting Co., Ltd.
A-3F Yang Ming Sci-Tech Pioneering Service Park,
Gong Ye Road, Wuxi 214024,
P. R.. China
Phone: +86- 510 -85431153
Fax: +86 - 510 -85400302